The beauty of Eva Ekvall led to the coveted crown of Miss Venezuela in the year 2000. The following year almost rises with the crown of Miss Universe obtaining the position of third finalist. An enterprising and hard working woman who after the scenes went to finish her career as a journalist and serves as a news storyteller.

Just married and with a beautiful newborn girl everything was shining in her life. However, fate had had a surprise that changed his life. In February 2010 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. There he began a new stage in learning to value his life even more. A stage that he decided to share with friends, family and friends.

For Eva, although she did not expect this news so early in her life, she knew this could happen. His Grandmother Paterna died of cancer of Mama and his paternal Aunt has suffered twice. Eva’s cancer appears at the most beautiful and exciting moment in a woman’s life. It is during the pregnancy of your daughter that the first nodule feels. However, she thought it was a mammary gland. A normal symptom is that stage.

Eva how do you finally discover Cancer? I had my daughter and breastfeed her for a little over a month. I could not but because it was difficult and painful. At the end of breastfeeding notice that the protuberances did not go down, on the contrary they increased and the texture of the skin in the zone change. I thought it was mastitis. As my daughter’s Baptism approached in Margarita, she decided to see my doctor and they gave me the exams that gave the result. When I returned from Margarita they gave me the terrible news. One of Eva’s admirable things was that in the midst of this storm she decided to help the Senos Salud Foundation so that her story would serve to help other women who were living their same experience.

Roberto Mata, a renowned Venezuelan photographer, proposes to accompany and photograph each step of this process of survival. At the time they had no idea that it would result from this experience. At the same time, Eva opened an internet mail account where she was reporting the progress of her illness. It is like this little by little and at the end of this nightmare gives the idea of ​​the book “Out of Focus”. A form of chronology of Eve’s experience where a woman of extraordinary beauty, a representative of the Venezuelan woman decides to show herself under a stark reality; where there are no colors, touches, photoshops … just a reality. The reality of giving a battle to life.

In October 2010 Eva Ekvall gets a perfectly healthy ballot. As every Cancer patient has to return to checkup every three months, until he graduates and check every six months and then every year. Eva continues her anchor life of the Televen Newscast in Venezuela. It is dedicated with more illusion to the care of its family. And start a life full of fortune with a Book that promises to be a living testament.

What happens then Eve? I’m going to my first follow-up appointment after cancer and they found that I have a new type of cancer. At first I denied the reality. Then I made my decisions little by little. Today I understand that there are many alternatives and I decided to try some of them. That’s how I ended up here in Houston.


Carmen Maria Montiel