I decided to start with something very basic, but extremely important throughout our lives: Skin care. Above all, it is important to teach our daughters at an early age how to protect and care for their faces. The face is our cover letter. And her skin says a lot about who we are; if we smoke, we take, we unveil, we take sun and if we give him pampering.

This procedure is performed by specialists called Endodontists. Dr. Mauricio Ceballos is one of the most recognized specialists in the field. Doctor Who are Endodontists? We are specialized dentists to perform routine cases or much more complex procedures that go until endodontic surgery. We are also trained to diagnose oral or facial pains that have been difficult to pinpoint.

I started very young to take care of the skin of the face. Without knowing why, from the age of fifteen it was very important for me to cleanse my face every night and to get a moisturizer. Today I thank God for that intuition.

From that time on cleaning my skin progressed not only as a routine of simply washing the skin, I understood that it was important to thoroughly clean the makeup before going to bed and moisturize the skin to feed it. Never go to bed with make-up. The skin needs to breathe and nourish itself. As part of the cleaning routine I recommend exfoliating the skin at least twice a week. It can be with an exfoliating cream or with exfoliating soaps. The latter can be used at bath time. Exfoliate the skin removes the dead cells that accumulate on our face and dull the skin. It also helps eliminate nasty blackheads. Once or twice a week, consume and use a moisturizing mask. In addition, to be able to relax for the fifteen minutes that the treatment requires, these masks return the shine to the skin. It is especially important for people who have parched skins.

I will not deny that I abuse the sun in my youth. And pay for it. However, protecting myself from the sun from the age of 25 and applying nutrition treatments and skin discoloration have yielded positive results. It is important to use sunscreen daily or use a base that contains at least SPF 25 protection. It is even more important to use sunscreen during the summer and when you go to sea. The protection should be reapplied after each bath. And wear hats or visors. Never expose your face to the sun. Although it seems incredible, using makeup during the day is important. In the era we are living in, where we are exposed to ozone and multiple contaminants, the makeup offers a protective layer to the skin.

A good reason to quit or not to quit smoking is never to want to stay young. The cigarette helps premature aging. Observe how the skin of smoked does not shine, has a different color and is more shoddy than other people of the same age. I will not tell them not to take, but everything in moderation. Excessive alcohol intake is to blame for the unpleasant sachets under the eyes. We are what we eat, that is very true. Drink water. The body is composed of 60 to 70% of water and we have to clean the system, when cleaning it shows on the skin giving it more shine. Water is part of the nutrition of the complexion. If we water the woods as we will not do with ourselves.

Also, we have to be aware of ingesting all the nutrients necessary for our body and skin: Vitamins and Minerals. As well as the natural oils that give elasticity to the skin.


Carmen Maria Montiel


We all want to have a shiny, smooth, healthy, hydrated and silky skin. Skin care begins at an early age and consists of attention to many aspects in our daily routine. However, the most basic and simple aspect in obtaining a resplendent skin with elasticity is the adequate consumption of Water. As simple as that!

Water makes up 70% of the human body and is necessary to carry out multiple biological functions, such as nutrient transport, regulation of body temperature, metabolization of food, cleaning of the body, among many others. The human being loses about two liters of water daily with sweat, respiration, urine and other biological processes.

The need for water consumption varies according to the person, age, sex, physical activity and region where one lives. More physical activity causes a need for more water consumption. Also, in hot climates it requires more water consumption due to more water loss through sweat. Apart from water consumption, we must consider that dry climates also affect the appearance of the skin, causing dryness. This can be noticed in people living in these climates. Often they have dried skins that look more aged than people of the same age who live in humid regions.

How do we know how much water we should drink? If we lose about two liters of Water a day, we must replenish that same amount or consume at least 3% of body weight per day. We have to remember the factors that increase water loss to increase water consumption. However, consuming excess water is also bad, since excess of it in the body dilutes the sodium, potassium and magnesium, minerals needed in various functions of the body. Also, excess water in the body can cause hyponatremia, which is the loss of salt in the body which can result in hypertension.

So a good way to measure the need for water in your body is according to the condition of your lips. If your lips are dry, there is a high possibility that you are not consuming enough water. If your lips are dry, your skin should also have water deficiency. And just as the earth cracks in the drought, in the same way cracks the skin causing wrinkles, often premature. In the same way that water is indispensable for the functioning of the body’s functions, its consumption helps reduce the risk of many diseases according to the American Dietetic Association such as: colds, kidney stones, breast cancer, cancer of the colon and cancer of the urinary tract.

When accounting for our daily Water consumption, we must take into account other sources that contain Water. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of water. We also take into account when counting the glasses of Water that we take a day, the consumption of tea, soft drinks and juices. And of course we always take into account the quality of Water that we consume. Clean and safe water. Water consumption definitely improves the appearance of your skin.

Carmen Maria Montiel


Fat has become an epidemic, especially in the state of Texas. Which is among the first twelve states of this country that has more than 30 percent of the adult population obese.

Fortunately today there are several surgical procedures that ensure weight loss with success from 50 to 77 percent from six months to two years after the procedure.

We speak with Dr. Jorge Leiva who is a specialist in these three procedures. Doctor Leiva what is the difference between these three procedures: Gastric Bypass is the most effective and decreases the Tamayo of the stomach and alters the absorption of nutrients in the intestine. The gastric sleeve also decreases the capacity of the stomach and contributes hormonally diminishing the appetite and finally, The Adjustable Band also decreases the capacity of the stomach. But it is the least effective and used today.

Which do you recommend? All three as I said are effective. Fortunately, patients today have much access to information via the internet or specialists in the field. They also have the recommendation of family and friends who have the experience of the procedure. That is why in most cases patients already know what procedure they want and we help them make sure they make an informed decision. I prefer the Gastric Bypass and the Gastric Sleeve over the Gastric Band. The latter requires more maintenance by the patient.

Who are the ideal candidates for this procedure? Anyone who is over 100 pounds or 50 kilos overweight. Also, the “Body Mass Index” (BMI) is used, which is calculated by dividing the weight by squaring (kg / m2). This calculation classifies the weight in terms of what is healthy or not. People with a BMI over 35 are candidates for this procedure. Although health insurance requires a BMI of over 40.

The success of these procedures is observed in two ways: the first six months with a loss of 50% of excess overweight. And a 70 to 77% loss of excess weight in two years. The most important success is the safety of the operation, with minimal complications and no mortality. How long does the operation last? These three procedures are performed with laparoscopic surgery with minimal invasion. The sutures are 1.5 to 2 cm. These last for 50 to 90 minutes and the patient can return home the next day.

Once at home the patient should be active, walking frequently with minimal rest in bed. The person can return to work and start activity without weight for ten or fifteen days. But you must wait six weeks to start more demanding and heavy physical activities. Dr. Jorge Leiva is a specialist in General and Bariatric Surgery.


Carmen Maria Montiel


In this world we are living “nothing is impossible”. Everything can be achieved !. We can have the body we always sound or change any aspect of our face that we do not like.

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardazshian and even Pipa Middleton have fashioned the backside. Not only the great, but also the well-formed and attractive. Gone is the fashion of super skinny women. Today we greet the curves; more breasts, but breasts. Yes! If you want to have a bigger but attractive back, this can be achieved with a surgical procedure called “Brazilian Butt Lift”.

We talked to Dr. German Newall about this new procedure. Doctor can explain what the Brazilian Butt Lift consists of? The Brazilian Butt lift is a procedure in which fat is injected into the buttocks to enlarge and / or change the shape of the buttocks. This procedure is accompanied by liposuction from where the necessary fat is obtained.

So with this procedure we have more than one benefit? If, with this procedure, fat is removed from areas where it is left over and it is injected into the buttocks, achieving the desired voluminous effect. In turn when you inject the fat you are given the shape you want.

Generally the most common areas where fat is removed are the waist, abdomen, hips and legs. Many times, even when performing liposuction of the abdomen, a liposculpture is done that leaves the abdomen with that marked appearance that is only obtained with many abdominal exercises.

Also, this fat is often used to inject it into the face. Achieving thus more voluptuous lips or filling the cheeks, returning that youthful effect that is lost with the years.

Doctor and as soon as the recovery time? As with any surgical procedure, rest and no strenuous exercise or exertion are recommended until after six weeks.

These procedures are less risky each day. Even with anesthesia, many advances have been made that make it less risky than before. This Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can totally change a person’s body. As Dr. Newall explained, in a single procedure the person can get rid of extra fat in unwanted areas. In turn this same fat can be used to round off our derriere and rejuvenate the face. Also, you can get a flat and defined abdomen that you only get with hours of exercise and proper diet.

Despite the wonderfulness of these procedures it is recommended that once performed maintain a healthy diet and perform exercises. This will help them keep the surgery done. Like everything if we surrender … those results can be lost.


Carmen Maria Montiel


Healthy, long, hard nails are attractive in women. Especially because it makes us see the longer hands. But sometimes it is very difficult to achieve it by taking care of our hands.

Did you know that doing the Manicure frequently is one of the many causes of nail thinning, causing them to break or open? Many things we do to maintain extreme care of our body or coquetry are sometimes harmful. Just as washing your hair very often is bad, exposing your nails to the manicure process, where you use ketones, polishing and limes is bad. Sometimes the weakness does not look quickly, but over time you notice it. If you keep your nails well cared for and in spite of that, you often break or open, think about it and give the Manicure a rest. My recommendation is that the Manicure should be done every two or three weeks if possible. In this way the exposure to these harmful agents are less frequent. Also, let the nails breathe, from time to time do not paint them lúcelas the natural.

Do not eat your nails and above all do not use your nails as a hardware tool. Now, food, nutrients, vitamins and minerals are basic in nail health. Although there is genetic predisposition in the health of the nails, attention must be paid to the external and internal aspects that affect them. Other external aspects that affect the health of the nails are: the cold, the heating, much exposure to soap and detergents, lack of hydration; and although they do not create much exposure to water in frequency and duration.

One of the health problems that is most reflected in the nails is Anemia. The lack of iron affects our entire body since hemoglobin is responsible for transporting the nutrients to the organs. Once the nails do not get the necessary nutrients the nails will break. But the most important thing is the lack of vitamins essential for the health and quality of the nails. Among the B vitamins, B12 and Biotin are essential for nails. Also, folic acid, vitamins A, C and D.

The nails are formed by Keratin Protein, of course Keratin deficiency, the impaired nail is imminent. Therefore, we must have a diet rich in Proteins. Once we make the necessary corrections to improve the health of the nails we have to wait for about 3 to 6 months, which is the time it takes for the nail to complete its growth and regenerate itself completely. Because the nails grow very slowly 4 mm a month.

Finally, did you know that your nails speak? Your nails betray like your Health, not only the condition of them are indicative of deficiencies in our body or external excesses but also can indicate how your Health is. Have you ever wondered why the doctors check our nails? They can determine certain health problems through them, problems such as respiratory, anemia and many other conditions.


Carmen Maria Montiel